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Buyers Inspection

A Buyers Inspection serves to give you all of the important information you need about a home to make well-informed decisions about your purchase, repairs, and maintenance after moving in.  During the inspection, we uncover defects in the home that can help with the negotiation process and give you the information you need about the home you are looking to purchase.

Pre-Listing Inspections

By getting a Pre-Listing Inspection before putting your home on the market, you can get all the information you need about the property to communicate effectively to potential buyers.  During the inspection, we will also find the defects that you should repair before listing to make the home more attractive to buyers and make the process of selling quicker and easier.

New Construction Inspections
A New Construction Inspection is completed before the final walk-through and serves to help the builder/buyer identify the oversights made during the building process.  The builder can then prepare the home for a smooth and safe move in.

Maintenance Inspections

Staying on top of the minor issues in a home helps to ensure that they don't become major, expensive repairs later on. During a Home Maintenance Inspection, we identify these issues so that they don't go unnoticed.

Re-Inspection (Free with a General Home Inspection!)

Get some additional peace of mind by scheduling a Re-Inspection as a follow up to your Inspection.  We will revisit the home to check that all agreed-upon repairs were completed as requested.

Radon Testing

Radon is a highly toxic, colorless, odorless, cancer-causing gas that occurs in soil and water that can rise into a home through cracks, foundations, soil, well water, sump pumps, etc.  There is no way of knowing its presence unless tested.  Because Radon levels change over time, its recommended to have your home tested every couple of years.

Sewer Scope

Buying a home is a significant investment.  Taking the time to inspect the sewer line can help you avoid costly repairs that can set you back financially in the future.  If there is an issue with the sewer line you most likely will not know about it till after you move in and start using the water on a regular basis and by then the problem is yours.



1000 sq ft or less $350

1001 - 2000 sq ft $375
2001 – 2500 sq ft $425
2501 – 3000 sq ft $475
3001 – 3500 sq ft $500
3501 – 4000 sq ft $525

Larger than 4000 sq ft;  call for a quote.
Prices may vary on homes built before 1975 or multifamily dwellings.





500 sq ft or less $50
501 – 1000 sq ft $75


Sewer Scope (with home inspection) $140
Sewer Scope (stand-alone) $175
Radon Test (with home inspection) $140
Radon Test (stand-alone) $175


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